Structure of contents

For each volume the following are available:

– Workbook
– Workbook on PowerPoint slides
– Study guide (to provide additional information)

What you need to know

Both youth and adults will be able to benefit from studying these volumes. The purpose of writing these volumes was not to analyse some world religions and evolution in depth, but to explain the True Revelation to followers of these. These volumes were written in English, therefore translations of these volumes can be compared with the originals on this website.

Users of these books are kindly requested to download and save all these books, for convenience and future reference. 

If you are a seeker who only wants to read what the True Revelation is about, you may read the study guide of Volume 1.

Who may benefit from using these volumes?

Parents, to teach their children

Anyone who is a seeker and wants to know the true God

Christian youth organisations

Churches, to equip the youth and adults

Bible study groups

Bible colleges

Mission agencies


*Volumes 1 and 4 are fit for use in Christian Private Schools, as well as in government schools.

This material is fit for use by senior grades in primary schools, as well as in secondary schools.