Dr Isak Burger

Former president of a church denomination

“The truth about God and His revelation as it is found in the Bible is eternal and sufficient for every person on this planet. The way it is packaged and presented should however be adapted for optimal impact for each generation and culture. This is exactly the case with The True Revelation. Not only is the content sound and solid, it is presented in a way that is easily understandable and appealing.”

Johan Naudé

Ministering the Gospel to Hindu and Muslim people for more than thirty years

“In these volumes the Gospel is presented in a pure and undiluted way. Also, a clear description is given of the teaching of other religions, contrasting those with the Christian Gospel.

I am of the opinion that these volumes will be useful for study purposes at all Bible training facilities and by everyone. My recommendation would be that Volume 1, for instance, be applied as a useful handbook at Sunday school whilst the information contained in Volumes 1 to 4 would be imperative for all people to know. There is a limitless need for these books.”

Rev Janlu Kuyler

Former leader of World Focus Ministry in a church

“I had a close look at the books by, and theology of, the author and can honestly say that sound Biblically based theological principles are communicated. He did thorough research and presents teaching in a solid theological form. He is true to Scripture and keeps to the truth and principles of the Word of God. When teaching on other subjects, he presents sensitivity and thorough research. I recommend these studies to anyone seeking a greater understanding of God and what He does in the world around us.”

Elicia Topham

Former pastor of an independent Christian school

“The literature and books are of an exceedingly high quality and content well researched. This makes it the ideal curriculum for churches and theological institutions to teach students the truth about world religions and what the Bible says. Volume 1 and 4 may be used in schools. I saw the need in our school for such relevant information.”

Dr John Barton

“After carefully weighing up the facts which are mentioned in Volume 3 of The True Revelation, I found it to be factual and well written. I trust that many souls will be changed for the Kingdom.”

Dr Angela Stott

Teacher-educator and researcher

“Volume 4, which I’ve read, is an easy-to-use manual in language which will be accessible to a wide audience. The books are highly appropriate for use in any part of the world, particularly by believers who need a few and clear, uncomplicated tools to defend their faith. This is because the style is clear and uncluttered and is rooted in a belief in the Bible, as opposed to many other available texts which are aimed at the skeptic, with associated complications.”

Danie Swanepoel

Retired Deputy Principal of a high school

“What a wonderful and enriching experience to work through the workbook and study guide of Volume 4. The content is logical, clear, comprehensive, well-thought-out and well-founded. In this we find explanations, evidence, refutation of theories and proper foundation from the Word of God.

These books will help many a young person and adult to find answers to the vexing questions they struggle with around Creation or evolution. These books will be used with great fruit and blessing at church youth activities, small groups, Bible study groups, families, schools and Bible colleges.

Presentation with elaborated chapters and questions in electronic format makes it easy and effective for the presenter. Where I was involved in the subject Life Orientation at a high school for several years, and later as deputy principal, these books would have made my task much easier.

May this presentation contribute to the expansion of God’s Kingdom here on earth!”